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Gas cleaning and gas coolers

 NISSEN energy has developed our own treatment plant for gas purification, which takes care of the challenges in connection with gas purification when producing sustainable energy on biogas.

Biogas is a clean and efficient energy solution, but the biogas that comes directly from the process typically has a low pressure (5-20 mbar) and a high content of water.

In addition, the biogas, depending on the raw material, contains siloxane and / or sulfur in the form of hydrogen sulphide. This means that the biogas is not immediately usable as fuel in a gas engine system (CHP).

The water content reduces the calorific value of the gas and affects the emissions. The siloxane builds up in the gas engine (CHP) as coatings and is destructive to pistons and cylinder heads. The sulfur corrodes the heat exchangers, the exhaust system and increases the oil consumption of the gas engine.

To remove these nuisances from the biogas, and thus ensure that the gas engine system (CHP) runs optimally, NISSEN energy offers gas treatment plants. Contact our sales department for more information on gas cleaning and emergency coolers.

Contact our Sales Dept. for further information on gas tretment and gas coolers….

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Quality is in our DNA


NISSEN energy ensures quality in our products, processors and services through our ISO 9001: 2015 certification, audited through Bureau Veritas. This means that we have the statutory authorization for our work at:

  • Balancing and service on larger gas-fired burners over 135 kW
  • Gas engine-unit (CHP)
  • Installations with process equipment
  • Safety check on gas installations
  • El-installations (Authorized electrician)


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