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One Provider

For the whole plant



The responsibility is yours, but with ownership and strong relations as drivers, we will help carry the torch.

We ask questions about the day-to-day management of the operation – to understand, give inspiration and opportunities.

Flexibility is our starting point.

Service & Support

Customized service agreements ensure predictable costs and proper use of resources.

Optimization & Education

We are eager to share our knowledge. Contact us for more information…

Overhaul & Repair

We ensure fast and efficient commissioning, whether the shutdown is planned or a suddenly break down occur.

Spare parts & Equipment

We stock a wide range of parts for our products and other brands.

Strategy and economy

Needs are different – together we map out yours and give you a financial overview…”

Water- and oil analyzes

Why analyze?

With regular use of our water- and oil analyzes, you will get a better understanding of the engine’s fluids.
We see many different aspects in the analyzes and give you a comprehensive explanation, presented in an user-friendly manner.

Direct advice ensures you the best tool for achieving the highest level of machine performance and reliability.

It is good business to take action before problems arise, thereby avoiding costly damage and unnecessary shutdowns.


overhaul & repair


We can carry out the work on site or at our workshop in Skanderborg.


We have the demanded experience and certificates to do the work we do.


We provide a solid working agreement and make sure to consult if necessary.


We use calibrated equipment and document our work.



“We solve tasks – and on much more than engines and burners …”

Follow operation minute by minute


We offer different options, depending to safety requirements, which allow you to track operating and earnings – minute by minute.

Via the Internet, we can provide quick support, restart and keep track of operations.

Both during office hours and from our 24/7/365 hotline


Generator overhaul

Experience counts…


It is our experience that a generator renovation needs to be done properly
– it pays off in the long run.

We collaborate with other competent professionals and get the job to glide successfully: planned shutdowns, dismantling, professional renovation, assembly and startup.

Contact us and confirm that your basis of comparison is in order.


Service and support

“Advising you, about the optimal solutions for your plant, is part of my job description …”

Related equipment

NISSEN energy performs service & maintenance on external equipment:

Flares, incinerators, emergency power plants, gas filters, gas trains, gas-/emergency coolers, ventilation systems, plate heat exchangers, electrical boards etc. can easily be incorporated into our service packages.

Gas- og oil burners

All makes – from 135 kW

One of our core competencies is servicing of gas- and oil burners.

Since 1991 NISSEN energy has had the agency for Zantingh burners in Denmark, Scandinavia, Germany and the UK. We also carry out service on other makes.



Certified personnel

“My colleagues and I can carry out your statutory inspections…”

Daily delivery

“Fast and efficient delivery, minimizes your shutdown as much as possible…”