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Denmark has had a tradition of cogeneration, and through the 1990s, NISSEN energy was involved in installing a large number of natural gas-fired decentralized CHP plants.

Denmark’s fuel change in the 00s meant, that natural gas fired plants today are typically used in nursing homes, hospitals, sports centers, etc. where heat and electricity is a necessity, even if the supply grid should fail.

NISSEN energy was among the first movers, therefore we have extensive experience and expertise with gas engines powered by biogas from farm biogas and WWT-plants.

Biogas is a mixture of gases methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). For more information about this proces:  Lundsby Biogas A/S.


A landfill is, in principle, also a large biogas plant and by using simple technology, the gas can be sucked up and utilized. NISSEN energy is part of Deponigas ApS and hereby keept up to date within the landfill gas area.

The NISSEN-story


In 1991 Henning Nissen started “Henning Nissen Service” at his private address in Bryrup, where he with 3 good co-workers serviced gas burners, as main area. Later, service, sale and production of gas engine units was added, and in 2003, the company changed name to NISSEN energi teknik.

In 2015, the company moved from Bryrup to Skanderborg, a larger city to get more space and better logistic placement.

Due to an increasing international profile, a name change to NISSEN energy became a reality in January 2019.

Something that hasn’t changed since the beginning is our commitment:

High quality is still a principal and service remain a defining issue.




NISSEN energy in numbers



Gas Treatment



NISSEN energy production

NISSEN energy designs units as well as complete plants. As a basis for the design, we prepare 3D drawings of the entire plant.
We have our own production facilities for both unit- and container solutions and an in-house electrical workshop. In all departments, work is focused on high quality and a safe, user-friendly working environment for the end user.


NISSEN energy Turnkey

In addition to our products, we offer project management, in whole or in part, in cooperation with the customer and external advisors.
Our products are CE-approved in accordance with the Machinery Directive, and we offer risk assessment and CE marking of the complete plant.

“For the past 6-7 years, NISSEN energy has won some of the energy projects that Krüger A/S has designed and but out to tender on behalf of municipal supplies in Denmark. The projects, all of which are carried out at municipal WWTP, typically contain generator installations, boiler plants, heating systems, chimneys and facilities for handling and treatment of biogas.

NISSEN energy has been responsible for deliveries, installation, documentation and participation in test and commissioning. The projects have been carried out in a professional manner and during the projects good technical assistance has been provided in the selection and adaptation of solutions ”.

Lars Dalum Nielsen
Project Manager, Krüger A/S 

“NISSEN energy has delivered a committed and persistent effort throughout the project. The result has been good and in accordance with the expectations of Energi Viborg Vand.

Concretely, we can see that our electricity production has increased significantly”.

Niels Kjeldgaard
Engineer, Energi Viborg Vand A/S – WWTP

“We have appreciated the attention to detail and the excellent technical support that NISSEN energy offers. While we have acquired a quality piece of equipment, the support we get from NISSEN energy has made it a great investment”.

Nick Menninga
General Manager, Downers Grove Sanitary District

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