Electric panels

In-house workshop

Electric panels
(control-, power- and distribution boards)


NISSEN energy is authorized electrician and UL-approved.


NISSEN energy builds electrical panels (control-, power- and distribution panels) in our own workshop, which ensures our high but also the possibility of effective adaptation to the customer’s needs and wishes – the chain of command is short.

NISSEN energy performs thermography and other trouble shooting of electrical related equipment.

The electrical installation, which is in constant operation, forms a sensitive part of the system and is extremely prone to breakdowns. Particularly sulfur-containing environments expose the electrical installation to additional stress. Many electrical faults occur due to overload, normal wear and tear, loose connections and poor ventilation. Incipient faults are remedied with a safety check of your switchboard.

Contact us for further information regarding our electrical panels (control-, power- and distribution panels) and/or our Safety Checks.



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Quality is in our DNA


NISSEN energy ensures quality in our products, processors and services through our ISO 9001: 2015 certification, audited through Bureau Veritas. This means that we have the statutory authorization for our work at:

  • Balancing and service on larger gas-fired burners over 135 kW
  • Gas engine-unit (CHP)
  • Installations with process equipment
  • Safety check on gas installations
  • El-installations (Authorized electrician)


What's in it for you?

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