Where the Journey began

The NISSEN story

Quality & good relations

From dream to reality

Henning Nissen started “Henning Nissen Service” in 1991 at his private address in Bryrup, where he quickly got the company up and running with servicing of gas burners as the main area.

Later, service, sales and production of gas engine units were added, and in 2003 the company changed its name to NISSEN energy teknik.

In 2015, the company moved from Bryrup to Skanderborg to get more space and better logistics. 

Due to an increasing international profile, a name change to NISSEN energy became a reality in January 2019.

Henning has long since gone on a well-deserved retirement, and the company was led by Thorvald Pedersen from 2008-2021.

On January 1, 2022, Michael B. Nissen took over as CEO as a result of a carefully planned generational change.

NISSEN energy timeline

All phases in-house

A team of committed and skilled employees means that NISSEN energy today covers the energy sector broadly – both locally and globally.

We have all phases in-house and our strength is development of intelligent concepts and integration of new technologies that are flexible and with great customer influence.

We equip our customers with extensive knowledge sharing to ensure that needs and wishes are clarified, then component selection is made, followed by design and project proposals.


The next step in the process is installation, project management and commissioning, when it is well completed, our service department takes over general maintenance, overhaul, operational monitoring and of course are available 24/7/365.

We want to create strong, lasting relationships with our customers. We can proudly say that customer number 1 from 1991 to this day is serviced by NISSEN energy.

NISSEN energy primary exports are to Scandinavia, the USA and Israel, but the list is long and is getting longer.

Henning Nissen

NISSEN energy Inc.

875 N. Michigan Ave. – Suite 3950
Chicago, IL 60611, US

+1 312 596 1228

US: On call 24/7/365
+1 312 860 8505

NISSEN energy a/s

Godthaabsvej 1
8660 Skanderborg, DK

+45 75 75 65 00

DK: On call 24/7/365
+45 22 68 65 31



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